Our current business lineup

TechPlace, Brunswick Landing’s Technology Accelerator, opened for business in January of 2015. We are now host to a variety of innovative, early growth stage firms engaged in each of the target industrial sectors called for in the Reuse Master Plan for Brunswick Landing.

  • Atayne — This Brunswick-based company makes progressive outdoor and active apparel from recycled material that drives positive environmental and social change.
  • Atol Avion USA: Finnish aircraft firm manufactures the ATOL 650 LSA, a 2-seat high-tech amphibious light sport airplane with strong and light wood composite structure.
  • BluShift Aerospace — We are an aerospace startup with far reaching plans.
  • Composites Engineering Research Lab — CERL works closely with Maine businesses and the Maine Composites Alliance to address research and engineering needs in composites and material science and to make businesses more competitive and productive in the global marketplace. CERL provides comprehensive and cost-effective materials analysis and engineering services for all phases of production.
  • Composites Technology Center
  • Drummond Woodsum — Founded in 1965, with offices in Portland, Maine, and Portsmouth and Manchester, New Hampshire, Drummond Woodsum is known as a premier New England law firm with a national and international reach. Our attorneys and consultants provide a full spectrum of legal and consulting services for our clients throughout the United States.
  • Field Phyto Nutrients: Our mission is to improve competitiveness of the biofuel industry to eventually have it replace fossil fuel for future generations by finding ways to improve efficiency, productivity, and implementing them.
  • Go Babe — Award winning Children’s apparel and bedding company located on the coast of Maine.
  • GHG Underground— Putting greenhouse gas back where it belongs — underground.
  • Greisen Aerospace — Greisen Aerospace is an AS9100-registered engineering firm. In addition to general design and analysis, we focus on high-risk/high-reliability applications, where our skill and experience in the aerospace industry helps to design, analyze, and produce the best equipment possible.
  • Grifin LLC has an ambitious agenda to pursue research, development, and manufacturing ventures that fall into three, high-growth, government concerns impacting present and future world conflict: Special Operations, Strategic Communications, and Force Protection. Some of these ventures seek to expand existing capabilities that requires no new technology innovation. Others are proprietary concepts that answer clearly defined needs of the operational communities concerned.
  • Harbor Digital — Engineers, consultants, and general contractors for all things technical. We maintain computer networks for businesses and municipalities. We provide bulletproof maintenance for fine homes using the same electronic control systems found on naval aircraft carriers. We design and install home theaters and music systems. We work with the very best architects and builders to cleanly integrate technology into commercial and residential projects.
  • InSphero — Leading supplier of organotypic, biological in vitro 3D microtissues for highly predictive drug testing. The Swiss start-up counts all of the top 15 global pharmaceutical, the number 1 cosmetics and 3 of the top 10 chemical companies as customers
  • Maine Composites Alliance — An alliance of composite businesses in Maine who work together to recognize and promote Maine’s leadership in the international composite industry. We enhance the competitiveness of Maine’s existing composite industry and our members by providing opportunities for new commercial ventures, and by providing education and training for members and their employees. We serve marine, automotive, aerospace, architecture and industrial industries throughout Maine, the United States and the world.
  • Maine Manufacturers Extension Partnership — The Maine Manufacturing Extension Partnership (Maine MEP) is able to leverage a vast array of public and private resources and services that are available to every manufacturing enterprise in Maine. The nationwide system of MEP centers is linked through the U.S. Department of Commerce – National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), with the common goal to strengthen the global competitiveness of U.S. manufacturers.
  • Maine Procurement and Technical Assistance Center (PTAC): Maine PTAC is part of a nationwide network of Procurement Technical Assistance Centers, or PTACs. PTAC works with Maine-based companies that are interested in selling their products and/or services to local, state or federal government agencies, either as prime contractors or subcontractors. Maine PTAC’s experienced counselors provide a wide range of counseling services to assist Maine PTAC clients.
  • Maritime Surveillance — Founded in 1995, Maritime Surveillance Associates, Inc. is a small software engineering firm dedicated to developing custom software solutions.
  • Mobility Technology: Manufacturer of the Afari Stylized Mobility Aid, a state-of-the art, aesthetically designed device to aid upright mobility and to enable persons who need or want balance, stability, and/or weight bearing assistance to participate in outdoor jogging, running and distance walking activity in diverse terrain.
  • New England Oceanographic Labs is a non-profit corporation that actively engages in scientific research concerning the past, present, and future state of the oceans. Our focus is on the long-term as well as changing conditions of the oceans and ocean sediments.
  • Pantheon Guitars — Pantheon Guitars LLC produces Bourgeois Guitars, which are regarded as among the top hand built steel string guitars in the world. Played by Ricky Skaggs, Ray Lamontagne, Luke Bryan and many other professionals, our guitars are prized for their hand voiced tone.
  • STARC Systems — Manufacturer of debris containment solution providing a clean, airtight and sound deadening construction barrier system to protect work environments from the effects of construction or renovation.
  • SteriZign — SteriZign Precision Technologies designs customized sterilization and storage containers for the full spectrum of complex reusable medical devices and procedural cases.
  • Studio V — Our firm specializes in utilizing our 5-Axis CNC equipment and our experience to deliver composite tooling, solve a complex machining problem or produce that custom piece of CNC-cut furniture from concept to delivery.
  • TOP-ME Tags — Manufacturer of the “orange name tags” used in the lobster, crab, and other fishing industries.
  • University of Maine — The University of Maine works with organizations to leverage UMaine’s assets to grow Maine’s economy. In addition to commercializing technologies developed in its research facilities, UMaine offers access to R&D expertise, facilities and equipment to companies, coaches businesses and start–ups bringing products to market and trains innovators and entrepreneurs.
  • Village Green Ventures — A clean tech project developer with the goal of addressing the needs of municipal-sized customers by bringing proven technology and finance together while enabling the rapid adoption of a distributed energy future today. VGV is building a biogas plant at Brunswick Landing, which will produce up to 1 MW of electricity via anaerobic digestion of organic water materials.
  • Wireless Sensors— Turnkey Wireless Sensor Network solutions that help operating managers run sustainable data center, life sciences and industrial operations through systems that dramatically reduce costs, improve efficiency and document compliance.