STARC Systems, Inc. one of the first businesses to locate at TechPlace on its opening in 2015, has successfully grown to need more space than TechPlace can provide. STARC Systems has moved their manufacturing operations into a 16,000 SF building of their own, located at 168 Orion Street; just a short distance from TechPlace. Bruce Bickford, Chief Operating Officer of STARC, said the company has doubled sales within the last year and expects to grow at a similar pace.

On Tuesday, October 24th, TechPlace staff and members held a graduation ceremony for STARC, which plans to continue leasing some office space for its sales and marketing staff.

STARC Systems staff and MRRA employees pose with a plaque that was given to STARC as a graduation present. From left to right: Chris McKenzie, Vice President of Marketing; Bruce Bickford, COO and Founder; Tim Hebert, Founder, Kristine Schuman, TechPlace Director, Chris Vickers, CEO; and Steve Levesque, MRRA Executive Director.






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