TechPlace member Harbor Digital Systems’ team of experts can help individuals and businesses navigate the technological mazes in life. So when Make-A-Wish Maine recently ran into its own maze of technological questions, Harbor Digital was ready to help.

Make-A-Wish was on a mission to grant the wish of 16-year-old Tommy. Tommy lives with a severe gastrointestinal condition. During hospital stays, Tommy’s six-year-old computer served as a bit of a life-line for him. Make-A-Wish wanted to upgrade Tommy’s system and grant him a new computer and 3D printer, but needed help acquiring the necessary components to build the computer. That’s where Harbor Digital came in.

Harbor Digital assisted at three phases of the completion of Tommy’s wish. First, they helped Make-A-Wish ensure that Tommy’s computer would have all the right parts and specifications. Second, on July 21, Jon from Harbor Digital helped Tommy build his computer from all of the components and parts right here at TechPlace’s facility and then traveled to Tommy’s house to help get the system set up on Tommy’s new desk. Third, Harbor Digital will provide follow-up by visiting Tommy a week later to provide support and help him troubleshoot.

Sonya Purington, Marketing and Communications Director for Make-A-Wish Maine said that when Make-A-Wish elevated Tommy’s wish to include building his own computer, Harbor Digital offered to help.

“We knew our friends at Harbor Digital would be just the team to make this happen,” Purington said. “Ben’s support and Jon’s tech-savvy guidance made this a day Tommy will never forget. The time Harbor Digital took guiding Tommy through building his own computer was the key contributing factor.”

Harbor Digital’s owner, Ben Cameron, said, “Working with Make-A-Wish and Tommy was such a great experience. We love educating customers as well as tomorrow’s technicians with skills necessary to maintain technology within their lives. We were able to instruct Tommy through the full assembly of his PC and he did fantastic!”

With his new computer and 3D printer, Tommy will be able to further pursue his interest in theoretical computer science and neural networks and also be able to 3D print objects he can use in his honors chemistry class at school.

TechPlace was privileged to see a wish come true here in our facility as we play host to Maine businesses like Harbor Digital who make a difference in Maine’s communities.