MVP Aero Chooses Brunswick Landing for Aircraft Development

Advanced Composites Will Make the MVP-2 the Most Advanced Amphibious Aircraft in the World

SEBRING, Florida — MVP Aero announced this week at the U.S. Sport Aviation Expo it has selected Brunswick Landing as the development site for the new Model MVP-2 amphibious aircraft. The MVP-2 is a new entrant into the Light Sport Aircraft category with a rich suite of features unavailable on other aircraft and made possible through the use of advanced composite materials.

One such feature is the ability for the pilot to fold the wings on the water allowing the MVP-2 to access thousands of destinations such as marinas and boathouses, which are unavailable to other aircraft. The wing fold feature also allows the MVP-2 to be trailered like a boat and stored off airport, reducing costs and increasing usefulness.

“The MVP-2’s features are game changing,” said Paul Richards, MVP’s Director of Business Development. “There is no other airplane in the world with the features of the MVP and it dramatically enhances the value for its owner by continuing to deliver benefits after reaching its destination. Our retractable canopy, expandable deck, folding wings and on-board thrusters allow the MVP-2 to transition from simple transportation into a recreational vehicle. Imagine flying into your favorite back country fishing hole, retract the canopy and fly fish directly from the craft….even spend the night on board with our tent option. The value is off the charts.”

MVP Aero

Richards noted that without the light weight and strength of modern composite materials, the MVP-2 would not be possible.

“Weight is the enemy of all aircraft since it decreases useful load and range. It took a world class engineering team to solve the weight problem and the solution is centered in advanced composites. Our choice of Brunswick Landing to complete the development is a recognition of the expertise available here and throughout the state of Maine in cutting edge materials.”

Brunswick Landing is a hub of high technology when it comes to advanced materials. It houses the Composites Engineering and Research Laboratory which serves the needs of Maine’s composites industry and Southern Maine Community College has developed a curriculum specific to the industry’s needs right on the Brunswick Landing Campus.

“We’re thrilled to have MVP Aero choose Brunswick Landing for this project,” said Steve Levesque, the Executive Director of the Midcoast Regional Redevelopment Authority, which operates Brunswick Landing. “We are extremely well suited to a project like this with runways, hangars and world class technical capability and we believe MVP’s choice will not only be good for them but the region.”


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