Congratulations to Composite Engineering  Research Laboratory, on receiving the 2017 Small Business Innovator Award from the Midcoast Regional Redevelopment Authority; during its annual meeting and dinner on November 15th.

CERL is both a full service analytical laboratory, and a prototype manufacturing center targeting the broad spectrum of composite companies within Maine and New England.  They focus on projects ranging from Wind and Hydrokinetics to Marine, Aerospace, and Semiconductor assembly. The one thing that all these industries have in common is that they utilize polymer reinforced systems, which is the basis for the definition of composites.

CERL focuses on assisting their customers solve problems so they can be successful, and has worked with more than 35 companies in the region; including Brunswick Landing based businesses: STARC Systems, SteriZign Precision Technologies, Molnlycke, Brunswick Aviation, SMCC, and BluShift Aerospace.

In 2017, CERL commercialized its first product named MITS (Mobile Infusion Technology System). This system was developed over the course of several years as a method of improving the consistency, and shortening the product/process development cycle time for Vacuum Infused products.  The first beta system was purchased by the TPI research center, and the next two systems were purchased by NREL for their new research facility in Boulder, Colorado.  This month, CERL will be introducing this system at The Compsites and Advanced Materials Expo in Orlando, Florida.

December also marks CERL’s transition from Rooms 101&102 into a larger location in TechPlace’s Phase III, Spaces 6 & 7. The new location provides greater accommodation of equipment, staff, and is within close proximity to TechPlace’s composite lay-up facility, currently under development.


Accolades: CERL is presented with MRRA’s 2017 Small Business Innovator Award during it’s annual meeting and dinner on November 15th.  From left to right: Steve Levesque, MRRA Executive Director, Andrew Schoenberg CERL Director, and Rita Armstrong, Member, MRRA Board of Trustees.


Expansion: CERL’s new location within Phase III of TechPlace.



Innovation: CERL’S Mobile Infusion Technology System or MITS.