TechPlace is the Place for Your Manufacturing Business

At TechPlace, you’ll find offices, desks, suites, and manufacturing spaces available all under one roof at an economical rate. By joining the TechPlace community you will have access to our shared industrial spaces, including TechWorks (machine and wood shops) and BioWorks (a bioproduction laboratory). Download print-friendly floor plan.

TechPlace layout and floor plan


The History of the TechPlace facility


NASB Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Department logo.

TechPlace, located at 74 Orion Street, is the former home of the Navy’s Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Department. The approximately 95,000 SF building was originally divided up into dozens of separate workshops for repair and maintenance of the P3 Orion aircraft based here during the Navy’s stay.

MRRA, which owns the building after receiving it from the Navy via a public benefit conveyance, determined the best re-use to be a manufacturing facility for start-ups and early stage businesses. This historic building fills a need for incubator/accelerator space in Maine.